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Privacy Policy

110designs Privacy Statement:

110designs respects your privacy and is committed to protect your information. 110designs asks only the general and design information and will never share any of your information to anyone.

110designs Information Collection:

All information that 110designs collects i.e. name, email is considered as private and confidential and is used only to contact you. For example if you launch a contest on 110designs, you have to sign-up for a new account, which you can use in future whenever needs to launch a new contest. It contains your name, email & your unique password. Providing email will help 110designs to send you your 110designs account activation process and to stop spammers.

All other design information is required to provide our best design services to our valuable customers and will never shared to anyone in any form. 110designs is responsible for the protection of all your provided information.

How 110designs use the information:

110designs uses your information in order to provide you its quality services. We may use your information in:

110designs Privacy Policy Change:

110designs  may change its privacy policy at any time and all changes made will be notified through email prior to the date the amended policy takes effect.